Residence Life

General Information
Saint Bernard Preparatory School  houses students in two distinctive residence halls. The girls reside in the historic stone cut Administration Building.  The boys reside in the historic three storied red brick  Benedict East.  The residence halls provide a comfortable living environment conveniently located adjacent to classrooms, the library, dining hall, recreational facilities, and administrative offices.

Dorm life offers students an opportunity to share a spirit of community designed to enrich many aspects of the boarding school experience. The dividends of residence life at SBP are many. For example, being a part of a community of scholars is exciting, and living with others who share your interests and experiences is fun! Research shows that living on campus  is a very positive factor in a student’s success, and at St. Bernard Prep, helping all students achieve their college preparedness is a priority. 

The Admissions Office will be happy to answer questions you may have about St. Bernard Prep. Tours of the campus can be arranged through the Admissions Office. Call (256)739-6682 to arrange a tour.

Vacation Breaks
All  are closed during school break periods (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks) and residents are not allowed to stay in their rooms while the halls are closed. You do not have to move your belongings out of your room for Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring break, but you may not leave personal belongings in your room over summer break.

Small personal refrigerators are allowed in residence hall rooms.  There is at least one microwave in each hall for residents to use. Because of wiring restrictions, separate microwaves are not allowed in individual residence hall rooms.

Meal Plans
Saint Bernard Dining Hall  is conveniently located in the center of campus. Three meals are provided for students each day. 

Residents are responsible for the care and cleanliness of their rooms. Custodians clean all common areas, and the community bathrooms in the residence halls.

Laundry machines are located in the basement of each dorm.  Laundry should be done during fee time and finished in time for headcount or by the time established by the dorm director.